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ViaBlue is proud to present a business opportunity to all eligible individuals of India to join hands with us to become a courier services business partner. This venture is a co-operative entrepreneurship where each Business Partner will be the owner of a ViaBlue Franchisee and will be given the responsibility to provide drop off and shipping solutions for their allotted geographical locations.

       MAKE IN INDIA        

A prominent objective of ViaBlue is to create & provide job positions to increase the livelihood of citizens of India. The entire team of ViaBlue commits to support each location partner by supplying essential advertising and marketing material with vocational training to promote and ensure the net profit gain and success of each and every partner.


ViaBlue firmly supports the Make In India movement and prides in being a major producer of career opportunity for anybody that dreams in investing into their future and boosting their financial situation by earning an feasible income by joining the ViaBlue family as a dedicated and committed Business Partner.


  • With 2 distinguished options of Business models of Express Collection Center & Area Franchisee, you can determine which will be most beneficial for you. Minimal skillsets necessary to thrive with the straightforward and simple Business Model created by the ViaBlue team.
  • Constant guidance and support from Head Corporate Office in assuring proper publicity and strategy to generate better successful business.
  • Round-the-clock IT Support to coordinate and fulfill all courier pick up and deliveries for maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Innumerable ways to establish and advance your franchise for increased personal and systemic expansion. Be a part of the new and upcoming future of India’s best express courier pick-up and delivery service provider!




  • In this type of alliance, the Business Partner is sanctioned as ViaBlue Area Franchisee where they will be responsible to supervise Express Collection Centers located in their regionally assigned specific Pin Code areas.
  • Area Branches will be conducting and managing daily pick-up and delivery services from the specified Express Collection Centers.
  • Basic Requirements necessary for optimal operations are:
    1. Minimum 250 square feet of area at Branch location.
    2. Must sign an exclusive agreement contract with ViaBlue along with agreeing to all Terms & Conditions for conducting business together.
    3. One-time Investment charge for security.


  • In this type of collaboration, the Business Partner is simply designated to book and collect couriers and parcels at his own personal business location and then coordinate with the ViaBlue pick-up and delivery team.
  • There is no investment charge to join as an Express Counter and marketing materials will be supplied along with training.
  • Only compulsory prerequisite for joining for an Express Collection Center is that Partner should already previously be owning and operating his own commercial establishment like:
    1. Xerox Store/Medical Store/Stationary Store, or any other type of shop that can handle customers on a daily basis.


  • Partners receive an adequate commission for all parcel and courier pick up and deliveries.
    1. Nominal cost of investment that will lead to means of easy lifetime income.
    2. No recurring costs to pay to increase business.
  • Simple to follow Business Model that you can customize to increase your own potential.
    1. Training and branding techniques will be taught to prevent any pitfalls.
    2. All materials will be supplied to support growth from the beginning.
  • Management skills are all that are needed for you to benefit.
    1. ViaBlue IT support team and all employees are available to help manage all aspects of any type of parcel pick-up and delivery till the end.
  • Assisting Express Center expansion in rural/unreached areas leads to higher personal profits.
    1. Area Branches are able to help advise and promote to increase the number of Express Collection Centers in their specified Pin Codes to help increase in quantity of daily parcels.
    2. Area Franchisee owners can be their own boss on how much work and effort they want to put in to maximize business prospects.


  • No monetary investment for becoming an Express Collection Partner.
    1. Join for entirely FREE.
    2. Zero money down but still yield high income output.
  • No picking up or delivering any parcels or couriers.
    1. Express Collection Centers only have to collect incoming couriers.
    2. Pick-up and Delivery will be conducted by other ViaBlue employees.
  • ViaBlue Mobile App makes entire process of booking couriers quick and simple.
    1. Earn a profit with minimal time spent on ViaBlue orders.
    2. You won’t need to subtract time from your own private ongoing business.
    3. Onsite Barcode Printing enables zero error and complete client satisfaction.
  • In depth assistance from ViaBlue Corporate Office to amplify your ability to conduct business.
    1. Advertising material and board signs will be provided for to boost publicity.
    2. Everybody works together in a union for the common goal of expanding as a team.


  • 24/7 Customer Care Support.
  • System & Procedures Training.
  • IT Support for any Technical Issues.
  • Marketing and Promotional Advice.
  • Management and Business Planning.
    • Unique Strategies Given to Increase Profits.
    • Strong Operational Support.
    • Make in India Business Model.
    • Standard Uniform Policy.
    • COVID-19 Social Distancing & Care Training.

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